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Anyone who wants to legally trade and manufacture Ayurvedic or herbal products should obtain an AYUSH license. Contact us today to obtain your AYUSH license.

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What is AYUSH License?

AYUSH license (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy) is under the Ministry of AYUSH by the government of India which is needed to get by manufacturer’s dealing in Ayurveda or herbal items who seek to establish a business in any comparable products.

Ayurveda is the oldest form of the treatment system in the world, and it has existed in India for millions of years with no side effects & has appeal globally, and many countries have become its importers. As a result, global countries are India's largest importers of Ayurvedic products. Therefore you require AYUSH License to establish a business selling Ayurvedic items in India and the world.

We at Legalraasta are here to give you an AYUSH license as well as detailed information about this license, which provides assurance of healthy living based on established concepts of illness prevention and health promotion.

Types of AYUSH License

1. Complete Manufacturing Licence

A Complete Manufacturing Licence is required if a manufacturer wishes to engage in the manufacturing and marketing of herbal products and establish its own manufacturing unit.

2. AYUSH Third-Party Manufacturing/Contract Licence

A third-party manufacturer's AYUSH manufacturing license is used to manufacture the product and is responsible for completing all of the necessary requirements and formalities to obtain this AYUSH license.

3. AYUSH Loan Licence

An AYUSH loan license must be obtained by a third party, and the manufacturer must be GMP certified before it can be issued to the candidate.

4. Siddha Manufacturing Licence

Siddha is a treatment that restores psychological and physiological harmony to the body while also providing equal importance to the mind, body, and spirit. So obtain this Ayush license to reap these benefits.

Documents Needed for an AYUSH Manufacturing Licence

Important details.
Ayush Licence requires a replica of a manufacturing license.
List of products that have been approved and used.
Site master file layout.
Ayush license manufacturing process and formula details.
Report on the finished product, method of analysis, and validation.
Stability analysis Report based on a batch with important details( manufacturing date, expiry date & drug’s name)
A water system and HVAC system diagram.
Attach the two-year export data.
Evidence of safety and effectiveness as prescribed in Rule 158B of Drugs and Cosmetics to get Ayush's license.
Compliance provisions of the Domestic Regulation Drugs and Cosmetics for Ayush license.

Criteria for obtaining an AYUSH certificate in India

Process to Obtain the AYUSH License

1. To obtain an AYUSH license, an applicant must first visit the AYUSH website of the state in which they intend to deal with Ayurvedic or herbal products.

2. Then, along with the applicant's required GMP and COPP affidavits, download the application form for an AYUSH license.

3. The next step is to complete the Ayush registration application form and submit it to the AYUSH Department's commissioner for review, together with the necessary documentation, in order to obtain an Ayush license.

4. Once the commissioner is satisfied, he will provide their permission within 15 days and the AYUSH license will be issued.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification is the certificate that assures that a product is persistently produced and controlled according to the WHO quality standards to minimizes the potential risk of pharmaceutical production which is also required for Ayush License.

CoPP is a document that certifies the legitimacy of the medical care given under the AYUSH licence as evidence of the validity of the licence, proving that imported drugs meet the necessary standards of quality and GMP procedures to be marketed by regulatory authorities in the exporting nation.

If you want to sell any ayurvedic products or medicines in India, you must get an AYUSH licence; otherwise, you risk paying fines for engaging in the trade of selling such items.

You need a BAMS registration certificate if you want to launch an AYUSH (Ayurveda) business.


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