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Share Purchase Agreement

A share purchase agreement is an agreement used for the transfer of shares from one party to another. It is written proof that contains the buyer & seller details, number of shares, price, covenants & undertaking of the company & seller, rights & warranties of buyer, confidentiality & termination details.

Purpose of Share Purchase Agreement

The purpose of a share purchase agreement is to ensure that the deal occurs between both parties. If the seller changes the number of shares or prices, then the buyer has the proof, which both parties legally signed it.


Contract Execution of Share Purchase Agreement. This agreement is made between the two parties and contains all the details of the shares & the company.LegalRaasta can help you by providing the Share purchase agreement.

Process to Get a Share Purchase Agreement

1. The first step is a review of the share purchase agreement by both parties.

2. If there is any doubt about the purchaser, a witness can be used as a signatory.

3. One copy should be made for the buyer, seller, and company.

4. Issue the certificate after payment.

5. There can be registration if you meet certain criteria then you get a share purchase agreement document.

Benefits of Share Purchase Agreement

Due Diligence

A share purchase agreement is one of the most important business processes that involve an investor in the activities of a company. Though there are a number of organizations that willingly choose the path of casual strategy to deal with such issues, a lack of agreement can jeopardize the future of business activities.

Protection of Parties

Before engaging in the process of the share exchange, share purchase agreements provide an opportunity for both parties to protect and secure their interests. This agreement covers each part of the transaction and it is essential that both parties comprehend and appreciate the significance of each provision in the document.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Share Purchase agreements are used to transfer ownership of shares in a company from the seller to the buyer.

When the business is made alongside liabilities and resources that are transferred for different parties, a Business Transfer Agreement usually involves two parties.

Shareholder’s agreement talks about the rights and duties of the shareholder, it describes the responsibility between the corporation and the shareholder and is called the Shareholder’s Agreement. It includes every element necessary for resolving issues and shareholder disputes.

Without an agreement, shareholders risk losing valuable information when they leave the company, and it also determines how dividends are shared. This really is important when shareholders contribute differently to the business.


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