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Sales Tax Returns

Businesses manufacturing or trading goods in India must register for Value Added Tax (VAT), also known as Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Any company selling items in India with an annual revenue of more than Rs. 5 Lacs must register for sales tax. Since the state government is responsible for collecting and representing VAT, each state government in India has specific regulations that apply to their state depending on the kind of items that are produced or sold there. Upon VAT registration, the manufacturer or dealer is given a special 11-digit number that will function as the company's TIN Number. You have to submit VAT returns if you're a registered dealer. The payment of taxes is required prior to the submission of returns. It is legal to submit VAT returns electronically in a number of Indian states.LegalRaasta can help you file sales tax returns online.

Types of Sales Tax

Retail Sales Tax

The ultimate consumer directly foots the bill for this tax, which is imposed on the sale of retail items.

Manufacturers' Sales Tax

This tax is assessed against companies that produce specific goods.

Wholesale Sales Tax

Those that deal with the wholesale distribution or sale of manufactured items are subject to this tax.

Usage Tax

This is a fee charged to customers who buy goods from merchants who are outside the tax jurisdiction yet do not charge sales tax.

Value Added Tax

Many governments impose an additional tax known as VAT on all transactions.

Process to Fill the Sales Tax Return

1. While manufacturing or trading goods in India, you must have a valid Value Added Tax registration number or Tax Identity Number to complete the Sales Tax return.

2. A person or organization that conducts business or engages in the trade of goods and has a turnover of more than Rs5 lakh is required to register sales tax.

3. Every state's VAT collection is handled by a distinct state government, so there are different rules that apply depending on the products that are produced or sold in India.

4. Once a business has registered for VAT, it is given a special 11-digit number that serves as its tax identification number for future transactions.

5. Value Added Tax Returns must be filed if the company is VAT registered. Tax must be paid before filing returns.

6. E-filing is allowed in several Indian states and is simple to complete on numerous websites.

7. A registered Chartered Accountant can be used to file a return by providing comprehensive information about a business's activities throughout the year.

Features of Sales Tax

In India, a tax known as VAT is imposed on local sales of products. If a producer or dealer's annual sales are higher than Rs. 5 lacs, they need to register for VAT (Rs. 10 lacs in some states).

Each state has its own VAT laws and regulations since the state government sets and collects the VAT.

On items that are exported from India, there is no VAT.

For proprietorship firms, partnership firms, and limited liability partnerships, the payment of VAT is deposited in a specified bank on a quarterly basis. For other types of business organizations, such as companies, it is deposited on a monthly basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The type of goods being sold and the State in which they are being sold will affect the VAT rate.

A copy of the PAN card, evidence of the business's address, and documentation proving the owners' identities, such as a partnership agreement or incorporation certificate, are needed to get sales tax registration.

In most states, VAT registration is required if a company's yearly revenue exceeds Rs. 5 lacs; however, some states have increased this threshold to Rs. 10 lacs.

Proprietary firms, LLPs, and partnership firms are required to submit VAT payments on a quarterly basis. Monthly VAT payments are expected from other entities.

The 20th of every month is the deadline for VAT returns. On the 20th of the next month, the VAT information must be sent.


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