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What is RERA? – Real Estate Regulatory Agency

Real estate regulatory authority, or RERA, is a law passed by the Indian Parliament that aims to safeguard homebuyers and encourage investment in the real estate sector. Its goal is to restore the public's lost faith in the real estate sector by bringing openness and accountability. The Real Estate Act of 2016 established RERA registration in each state to regulate the real estate industry and serve as an adjudicating authority for swift dispute resolution. 59 of the 92 parts of this Act were notified before it went into effect on May 1, 2016. The central and state governments must notify the public of the Act's requirements within a six-month window. Use Legal Raasta to obtain the RERA license number.

Registration of Projects Under RERA

Before the start of the Act, the promoter had secured a certificate of project completion. The proposed development site's size is limited to 500 square meters. For RERA registration, there must be more than 8 flats. any remodeling or repair of an existing building or structure that does not include selling any apartments or plots of land or marketing the building or structure in any way.

Promoter, project, and real estate agent RERA registration applications are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Real estate that is both commercial and residential is now covered by the Act (including plotted development).
  • The Act now applies to all ongoing projects as well, and these projects must register with the Regulator within three months if they have not yet received Completion Certificates.
  • Real estate agents that facilitate the sale or buying of properties are obliged by the applicable state laws to get prior RERA registration. The entire state or UT is covered by the registration certificate.
  • The RERA must decide whether to accept or reject a registration application within 30 days of the application date.
  • Documents Required for Registration Under RERA

    PAN The builder's RERA registration card.
    ITR for the previous three years and the builder's balance sheet.
    The apartment's carpet area, number of floors, and parking space must be made clear by the builder.
    The builder's declaration that he or she has proof of ownership of the land.
    Information on the land, such as rights, title, and mortgage, is required for Rera registration.
    If the builder does not own the land, a letter of authorization from the real owner along with supporting documentation will be needed.
    Project specifics (such as location, approved plan, and layout plan) for RERA registration.
    Paperwork proving ownership and information about the parties concerned.

    Objectives of RERA for Real estate

    Process for RERA Registration Licence

    1. Since the RERA registration procedure varies from state to state, each state has its own requirements.

    2. The procedure is electronic and can be applied for through the state's official website where the registration is requested.

    3. To obtain an RERA registration licence, promoters and real estate agents must submit the necessary paperwork with their registration application to the state's regulatory body.

    Why obtain RERA?

    1. Time Delivery

    Developers frequently give false assurances about the project's completion date, however, it has been seen that deliveries frequently fall behind schedule. To prevent this, one should acquire a rera registration license. According to the bill, strict regulation is imposed on the developers.

    2. Accurate Project Details

    Typically, developers describe the many facilities and characteristics of their project to advertise it. According to the bill, no alterations can be made to the plan, and if a builder is found guilty, they might be imprisoned to up to three years in prison or fined 10% of the project's cost if they have a rera registration license on them.

    3. All Clearances

    The measure requires developers to obtain all necessary clearances before selling any apartments, as delays in obtaining clearance prevent buyers from receiving their apartments on schedule.

    4. Proper Structure

    In case the buyer finds any structural deficiency in the development of the building, then the developer is responsible for repairing structural defects for up to 5 years.

    5. First RERA Registration, Then Advertisement

    No project may be advertised without first registering with Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), and the advertiser must have proof of registration in the form of a registration number.

    6. Booking Amount

    The buyer's portion has been decreased from 20% to 10% and should only be paid when the agreement for sale has been registered with the builder. The buyer is also entitled to a 15-day notice period to get RERA registration.

    7. Complaints

    Brokers and promoters who have registered with RERA are also permitted to file complaints with the authority regarding any issues.

    RERA Registration Fees for Different Category of Applicants

    RERA Registration fees in Maharashtra

    Project registration under MH-RERA Rs. 10 per square meter. Or Rs.50,000 Minimum and maximum Rs. 10 Lac and Agent for RERA registration under Maharashtra RERA Rs. 10,000 in case of individual and Rs. 100,000 in case of others.

    RERA Registration fees in Uttar Pradesh

    In case residential Apartments / Projects in UP
    Regarding residential apartments or projects in UP, the price per square meter is Rs 10 for projects under 1000 square meters and Rs 500 for 100 square meters for projects beyond 1000 square meters.

    In the case of commercial projects in UP
    For projects smaller than 1000 square meters, there is a charge of Rs 20 per square meter, and for projects larger than 1000 square meters, there is a charge of Rs 1000 per 100 square meters. Agent registration under RERA costs Rs 25000 for individuals and Rs 2,50,000 for everyone else for commercial projects in UP.

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