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Procedure For Changing Registered Office

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Change Registered Office

Every letter sent to the Change Registered Office must be handled without delay to prevent delays. The Change Registered Office must always be a functional address for receiving necessary communications.

Modes to Change the Registered Office

But when the registered office is to be changed from one state to another then a special resolution confirmation from the company law board is required. Also, a newspaper advertisement outlining the proposed change and providing notification to the state government must be published. Refer to our full procedure for changing the registered address, which is handled by the LegalRaasta team of professionals.

Highlights of Registered Office Change

Registered Office

The registered office of a corporation or LLP serves as its principal place of business because it is where the Ministry of Corporate Affairs sends all official correspondence.

Residential Address

The company or LLP can have a registered office at the residential address also.

Books of Accounts

The book of Accounts of the Company or LLP must be maintained at the Registered Office of the Company.

Documents Required For Changing Registered Office

List of shareholders and directors for the company.
List of debtors duly attested by the company's auditors.
Public notice copy published.
Copies of the MOA, AOA, and incorporation certificates.
Rent agreement with the new address and name.
A copy of the registered office address.
A copy of the most recent two months' worth of utility bills.
Premises can be used with the owner's NOC.

The Process to Change the Registered Office of the Company

1. A shift in the registered office of a Private Limited Corporation within the same state

  • An official Board meeting is held, and a decision is reached.
  • After the resolution has been passed, an applicant has 15 days to submit Form INC-22 to the ROC.

  • 2. Shifting a Private Limited Company's registered office outside of its current town, city, or village

  • The decision to alter the office address was made at a board meeting when the date, day, hour, and location of the Extraordinary General Meeting were set.
  • Within 30 days following the resolution's passage, Form MGT-14 is submitted to the Registrar of Companies.

  • Modifications to a corporation's Registered Office from one Registrar of Companies (ROC) to another ROC in the same state (ROC)

  • The day, date, time, and location of the Extraordinary Meeting will be decided upon at a Board meeting, and a special decision will be made for the modification of the Memorandum of Agreement and the relocation of the Registered Office.
  • Within 30 days of the date the agreement was reached, Form MGT-14 is submitted with the ROC of the companies, and the Application is to be sent to the Regional Director in Form INC-23.
  • Publish a notification in both English and the district's major language daily newspaper. Each holder of a Debenture, each Depositor, each Creditor of the Company, and any other Person whose interests may be affected by the proposed modification to the MOA will receive a separate notice describing the proposal.

  • Changing a private limited company's registered office from one state to another or from one ROC's jurisdiction to another

  • A Board of Meeting is held to determine the date, time, and location for the Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • After a resolution is passed, a notice of the meeting is published in the newspaper of the district where the registered office is located in both English and the primary language of that region.
  • Within 30 days of the special resolution's passing, you must complete Form MGT-14.
  • Each holder of a debenture, depositor, and creditor of the firm shall receive a separate letter outlining the plan, and if the Regional Director does not object after 21 days, transferring the registered office will be taken into consideration.

  • Why is it Important to Know the Registered Office Address?

    All official correspondence and legal notices from the government, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders are sent to this address, which serves as the business's official address. It also serves as the location for the company's statutory records, including its registers, books of accounts, and other significant papers.

    It is used to establish the company's jurisdiction and to serve legal processes.

    For a company to operate efficiently and comply with regulations, having a registered office address that is both current and genuine is essential.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The books of accounts must be kept at the company's registered office. But, if they are maintained somewhere else, the corporation must give written notice to that location's registrar.

    No, a company's registered office must be in the state in which it was incorporated in India.

    Yes, one of the director's or managing partners' residences may serve as the company's or LLP's registered office.

    The process for altering a company's registered office will vary depending on the type of address change. Three categories can be used to classify changes in registered offices: changes within the same village, town, or city; changes within the same Registrar of Companies (ROC) jurisdiction; and changes from one ROC to another ROC jurisdiction.

    Within 30 days of a change to the Registered Office location, ROC must be notified of the change by filing the relevant documentation.


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