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What is RCMC Registration?

Registration Cum Membership Certificate, or RCMC, is a document issued by an appropriate government agency. All businesses who want to apply for the Import Export Code and take advantage of benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy, such as duty drawbacks and duty credit scrips, must get this certificate; however, traders covered by the Export-Import Policy are exempt from doing so.

The RCMC license is valid from the first day of April of the licensing year through the next five years, which finish on the 31st of March of the licensing year. The application for the RCMC certificate has to be obtained by submitting the ANF 2C(Aayat Niryat Form) to the Exports Promotion Council. An export trader can be registered under two categories: Merchant Exporter and Manufacturing Exporter. An exporter must inform the Exports Promotion Council (EPC) of his primary line of business when applying for the RCMC. There are a total of 26 EPCs and 9 commodities boards located around the nation. These organizations are permitted to issue RCMC to an exporter by the central government.

Documents for RCMC Registration

Application form detailing product specification for Registration-Cum-Membership.
Import Export Code (IEC) Certificate.
Bank statements.
SSI Certificate / IEM Certificate(manufacturer exporter)
Statement of the impact of imports and exports over the preceding fiscal year (F.Y.)
Memorandum of Association(MOA), Articles of association(AOA), and partnership deed(in case of partnership firms)

Competent Authorities for RCMC Registration

RCMC Application Process

The RCMC application in the prescribed format has to fill up via the APEDA website. APEDA registration is available for support of listed schedule products.

The process to file the RCMC application is as follows:

1. A trader who wants to join RCMC must apply and register on the APEDA website.

2. Then, input your information—including your email address, IE code, and mobile number—and submit the necessary papers.

3. For RCMC registration, pay the applicable costs.

4. The "Exporter Login application "'s number allows you to monitor the status of your applications.

Benefits of Obtaining an RCMC Certificate

The exporter/importer will be eligible for discounts and programs under the nation's foreign trade policy by acquiring the RCMC certificate download, some of which are as follows:

  • Advance Authorisation Scheme
  • Advanced Authorisation for annual requirement Scheme
  • Duty-Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) Scheme
  • Duty Drawback of Customs/Central Excise Duties/Service Tax
  • Rebate of Service tax through all industry rates
  • Zero-duty EPCG scheme

  • Obtaining RCMC registration would actively encourage exports of goods and services from the nation to other countries.

    A business that obtains this registration will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

    It offers several benefits from the FIEO as well as from the Indian international trade policy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The RCMC registration is valid for five years, beginning on April 1 of the license year and ending on March 31 of the following year.

    It is now required for the trader holding the RCMC registration to notify the appropriate authorities of any changes to any of the Names, Constitution, Ownership, or Address within a month of the date of such changes. Nonetheless, the authorities may excuse the delay in submitting these revisions if the delay in notifying them is supported by enough convincing evidence.

    An exporter with an RCMC registration is required to provide information to the appropriate Exporters Promotion Council, including quarterly returns, details of the exports the merchant made, and pertinent information (EPC). Additionally, the RCMC holder can send the quarterly returns to the Federation of Indian Exporters Organization in the format specified (FIEO).

    For a trader to maintain their RCMC registration, specific requirements, guidelines, and norms must be met. The concerned trader becomes eligible for the de-registration of the registration cum membership certificate by the issuing body if any one of these conditions is broken. Before this de-registration, the membership holder will have an opportunity to oppose it and provide reasonable proof of the circumstances that led up to the infringement.


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