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NBFC Software

LegalRaasta believes in the optimum use of technology in any business, technology can disrupt the traditional banking players, and the maximum of existing NBFC players in the banking sector are not friendly with technology and since they have had high operating costs. The success of the Indian banking system depends on how are we going to use technology in business.

LegalRaasta has multiple Loan Management Software and ERP. Our custom NBFC Software and ERP are for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) which reduce the overall workforce cost, increase customer satisfaction, handle loan inquiry, the end to end management of the lending process.

What Makes an NBFC Software Productive?

Technology can change lives and solve mass appeal problems. We started LegalRaasta to bring innovation to traditional businesses. Disrupt Industries the way Uber did and brought transparency in traditional business processes.

We Develop Custom NBFC Software

The loan is the most demanding product for a bank and thru a loan scheme management system, you can easily calculate ROI and create/ update schemes as per business need.

Loan Management

Loan Servicing Software Activities

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Why Choose Legal Raasta

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LegalRaasta was founded on the principle that sophisticated legal and taxation services should be simple, modern, and inexpensive. We can serve our clients more efficiently thanks to cutting-edge practise technology.

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