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What is NABH?

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers was founded in 2005 and is a component board of “Quality Council of India (QCI)”. NABH along with QCI has curated a set of standards, for all the hospitals and healthcare providers in the country. The NABH standards provide a framework for quality support, quality authority and quality development while also concentrating on the safety of the patients and quality of healthcare.

Introduction to NABH Services

NABH is short for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care Providers. The objective to establish this board was to set a benchmark of standards, as well as to improve the quality of health care services in India. NABH also aims to provide easy access to healthcare for all classes of the population through various methodologies and tools.

NABH registration, therefore, implies that the healthcare organization is accessible and also capable to improve its efficiency. And that the quality and operational systems are well-defined and implemented within the facility.

NABH is authorized to operate health accreditation programs for the healthcare departments. India currently has approximately 500 hospitals in various phases of NABH certifications and more than 50 already registered. NABH registration includes compliance with the NABH “standards, applicable laws, and regulations”. The license is valid for 2-years and is to be renewed. The registration can be done by filling the registration form at our website

A fee grant of 10% is given to the members of the Quality Council of India. It is a non-residential program. Outstation members are asked to make their boarding & lodging arrangements.

Scope of NABH

International Recognition of NABH Registration

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers is an institutional member of ISQUA, the International Society for Quality of Health Care, as well as a member of its board and accreditation council. NABH standards for hospitals are recognized by ISQUA.

NABH is also one of the founding members of the newly developed Asian Society for Quality Healthcare. The purpose of incorporating ASQH is to strengthen the Asian representation at the International level and enhance the quality of structure in health care.

NABH Registration Assures Your Customers About

NABH Programs

NABH has accreditation programs for:

Documents required for obtaining NABH

Registration certificate of the applicant establishment
MOA/AOA/COI (if the establishment is in the form of the company)
Certificate of Registration in case of business entities other than Companies.
Fire NOC.
Lift NOC (if the hospital is equipped with lift facility)
Police NOC
Pollution NOC
Id and address proof of owners (applicant)/ Director (in case of a company)
Address proof of the establishment
List of shares allotted and details of shareholders
Other relevant information and documents of the hospital as may be demanded by the Authority

Advantages of Accreditation

Accreditation is a blessing for all Stake Holders and patients are the most important beneficiaries of it. The patients get medical services only from qualified medical staff. A Patient’s rights are respected and protected. Patient satisfaction is frequently evaluated.

Accreditation to a Hospital stimulates non-stop development. It also demonstrates a high level of dedication to patient care. It raises the hospital’s confidence in the services it provides. It also offers opportunities to the healthcare unit to compete with the best.

The Staff in an accredited medical institution is a happy one because they receive the benefit of continuous learning, a good operating environment, leadership, and above all a highly skilled understanding of scientific procedures. It also improves the medical skills of the “Clinicians and the Paramedic workers” and gives them the leadership skills for growth within the field of medicinal drugs and nursing.

Preparing for NABH Accreditation

Hospital management shall put together a course of action for acquiring “NABH accreditation” and shall employ a responsible person/corporation to coordinate all activities associated with the process of obtaining accreditation. At Legalraasta, we have a team working day and night for various hospitals who want to attain 100 % NABH compliance. Recently there are major modifications in NABH policies that are going to be applied in health facilities across the country. Below are a few steps for the preparation of obtaining “NABH Accreditation”:-

  1. An assessor will be appointed by NABH for an initial assessment of the concerned healthcare facility, which has applied for accreditation.
  2. The healthcare facility which has applied for accreditation shall fully cooperate with the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers’ evaluation procedure.
  3. The appointed assessor will verify whether the specified set of healthcare standards is being followed in the healthcare facility.
  4. The healthcare facility must have conducted a self-assessment in opposition to NABH standards.

NABH Accreditation Procedure

Step1 – Application Submission to NABH:

Process the utility fee as described within the application form

  • The self-assertion of Terms and Conditions for defined by way of NABH
  • Fill in Self-Assessment from as recommended with the aid of NABH.
  • Prepare Hospital Manual/Quality Standards (as according to NABH standards)
  • Upload the relevant files i.E.
  • Different rules and processes of the health center
  • Fire NOC
  • Lift NOC (If elevate available )
  • MCA associated NOC
  • Police NOC
  • Pollution NOC
  • ID & Address proof of the proposed directors
  • Amount of stocks to be allotted
  • Details of the shareholding percentage to be allocated to every subscriber
  • Objects of the proposed Company
  • Any unique clauses to be inculcated in the Memorandum and Articles of Associations
  • Any unique clauses to be inculcated in the Memorandum and Articles of Associations

Step2 – Application review By NABH crew:

Post receiving of the application form, NABH will carefully assess and scrutinize the application form and then issue an acknowledgement letter to the hospital with a unique reference ID number.

Step3 – Pre-Assessment:

The subsequent step is NABH aligns a Principal Inspector/ Valuation Team who is liable for pre-assessment of the hospital. The objective of Pre-evaluation is as below:

  • Check the practices of the health center for very last evaluation.
  • Review the horizon of accreditation
  • Determine the required number of assessors and the period of the accreditation.
  • Review of the documentation of the health facility.
  • Clarify the practice to be followed for evaluation.

Step4 – Final Assessment:

The applicant healthcare facility is mandatory to take critical corrective action to the unconventionality pointed out in the course of the pre-assessment. The very last evaluation includes a complete overview of healthcare facility’s capability and quality of services. Upon completion of the above steps, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers will provide an accreditation certificate to the healthcare facility, which has a three years validity and it needs to be renewed after that.

Step5 – Surveillance and Reassessment:

As mentioned above accreditation of healthcare facility is valid for a duration of three years. NABH crew conducts one inspection of the accredited hospitals in a single accreditation cycle of 3 years. The medical status quo shall follow for the renewal of accreditation at least six months prior to the expiry date of the certificate’s validity.

NABH Standards for Hospitals

The NABH Standards for hospitals give a framework for quality of care for patients and quality improvement for hospitals. The standards help to create a quality culture at all levels and overall the duties of the hospital. The full NABH Standards consists of 102 standards and 636 objective elements. To obtain NABH Accreditation, a hospital must be ready and able to show that the hospital duties as per the NABH standards. The following are an aspect of NABH Standards:

Patient-Centered Standards

  • The Care of Patient (COP)
  • Access, Assessment & Continuity of Care (AAC)
  • The Management of Medication (MOM)
  • The Hospital Infection Control (HIC)
  • The Patient Right and Education (PRE)

  • Organization Centered Standards

  • The Responsibility of Management (ROM)
  • The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • The Facility Management and Safety (FMS)
  • The Information Management System (IMS)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
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