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In developing countries, as lawyers, the expense of having legal action is very costly, and a large amount of fee is paid by law firms. This is why a lot of legal work is outsourced to India from the developed nations.

We have the following resources for outsourcing the legal process:

  • Rights of Intellectual Property Matter
  • Application drafting & Filing
  • Review and Study of Records
  • Contracting and Administration
  • Judicial Study and Legal Advice Creation
  • Legal Transcription
  • Paper Management
  • Legal Coding

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Legal Processing Outsourcing Services in India

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a relatively unknown concept among the illegal community. As soon as a person hears the word LPO, his mind automatically aligns with the well-known concept of BPO. Pictures of call centers full of teenagers roaming the phone in the form of American accents across. LPO and BPO are similar in concept. But in terms of executions and titles, the LPO is a completely different country.

Legalraasta is an industry leader in law enforcement operations with more than a decade of experience working with reputable CA / ​​CS companies in India and working abroad. We understand that time is money and that every moment is important in the legal industry. Working with a trusted legal partner, legal aid, and secretarial services free you from focusing on your core business and will save you up to 30% on the cost of doing it indoors. After reviewing your specific needs, our team will integrate a comprehensive combination of coastal services at our offices in New York City, NY, and Pennsylvania, PA, or at sea in one of our two delivery centers.

The LPO was growing rapidly in India. Many overseas legal firms prefer Indian law firms for cost-cutting services. This has made India attractive in the legal profession. It also provided newly trained law degrees to prove their worth and get them back on track. The Indian LPO sector requires an increase in various services, specifically documents reviews, official publications, contract services, etc.

How is it Works: Legal Process Outsourcing

It is not as straightforward to set up an LPO and work with freshers as other outsourcing firms. Without expertise, the difficulty of terminology, time management, and team alignment could trouble lawyers. So, a comprehensive analysis has to work like a pro. That is the mechanism where their work is outsourced by in-house legal teams, private law firms, and organizations from various geographical areas to reduce the strain.

Legal Process Outsourcing operates with a professional mix of forensic, technological, and legal skills. In nature, it needs deep confidentiality such that the client’s sensitive data must not be leaked for any reason. The convenience and efficacy of the specialist service provider is the primary cause of outsourcing legal practice. Technology has reduced the time and distance of distinct geographical boundaries that enable legal firms to establish strategies at a global level to provide effective support systems.

Types of Legal Process Outsourcing Services

The LPO services include agency work and services, such as appearances in court and face-to-face negotiations, that involve physical presence. Agency job, document analysis, legal research and writing, preparation of pleadings and briefs, and patent services are the services that are most widely provided. The scope of work that you will have to do when working in an LPO varies from high-end legal analysis and writing briefs, memorandums, and commercial contracts to support work for litigation, such as work relating to evidence and first-level review of records.

How Will a Legal Partner be Chosen?

It is not as straightforward as it seems and is a difficult task to pick a legal service provider. A correct partner always allows the company to succeed and, thus, any mistake in choosing the outsourced partner will lead the company to a problem, so choose wisely. Check out some tips for choosing the right legal partner as we list:

Choose a partner that meets your business requirements

Each organization has distinct business requirements and therefore hires a partner after determining its particular business needs. Look for the potential lawyers’ expertise and check if she/he can be important for your company.

A check on their website

When trying to find business process outsourcing companies to outsource your legal process, check the potential partners’ site. search for their expertise and finalize accordingly. Moreover, a face-to-face meeting with the managers to urge all queries answered is important. Check the website to seem for previous accomplishments, in order that reliability isn’t a priority.

Getting clear with all the above, you’re assured of choosing the right outsourcing partner.

Legal Businesses to be Outsourced in India

Research and Constitutional Drafting

A time-taking and painstaking task is research and legal drafting and will keep the in-house lawyers busy. It is important to outsource the legal drafting and analysis process in order to use the in-house expertise effectively so that the internal resources for business development projects are accessible. Some companies still believe that recruiting interns and freelance lawyers will work, but it is a safer choice to have a trustworthy company to look after all operations for a long time.

Assessing Documentation

Doing document review requires a large workforce to effectively execute tasks. This is because document analysis includes deposition summaries, document coding, and many other repetitive procedures to be done, where a large workforce is necessary. Hiring the same, however, can be very expensive for the company, which not all businesses can afford. The company does not outsource document analysis, keeping its workers busy with mundane tasks, hampering the core growth. Though, when a company outsources the same, it saves company price and assures quality work, as a team of specialists performs the task.

Management of Contracts

Again, contract administration is a monotonous job, so there is hardly any time left for other constructive functions after looking through all the contracts and working through them. This is why businesses are searching for reliable outsourcing firms to free them to concentrate on other business-intensive activities. Outsourcing helps to maintain a quality check on contract drafting and scrutiny and even ensures positive control afterward such that quality deprivation is never a concern.

Benefits of Legal Outsourcing Processing

Here are several key advantages gained by using an LPO service and these advantages include the following:

Legal Process Outsourcing Services Process at LegalRaasta

Kind of Legal Services are You Able to Outsource

Primary Services

Corporate legal divisions could seek to see out internal legal SDT choices like shared services or technological developments for “core” legal services. Instances of those sorts of solutions contain corporate representation also as Mergers and acquisitions pursuits. For legal processes considered as core services, legal divisions can always search for ways to outsource particular aspects. As an example, albeit patents and trademarks are a core aspect of the business, there could be transactional constituents that subsist within these procedures which will be outsourced.

Non-Core Solutions

Outsourcing unique’ non-core’ transactional solutions, such as document analysis, contract management, and paralegal assistance, maybe contemplated by legal departments. In doing so, legal divisions have also had to determine whether these facilities and their associated procedures are properly suited for such a changeover. For legal procedures thought of as non-core services, a legal outsourcing company offers decreased costs and improved assets. Procedures that require minimum professional know-how or perhaps are considerably more transactional in nature are usually outsourced most frequently. Technology may additionally play a neighborhood within the legal process outsourcing companies ’ approach to acquiring efficiencies within these sorts of non-core legal capabilities.
While evaluating which legal services could also be outsourced, legal procedures are usually broken up into 5 different sections.

Procedures that Happen to be Most Usually Outsourced in Every Segment Consist of

Terms LPO Contributes to the Market Growth of Legal Firms

The main factors for gaining, maintaining, and keeping both new and current customers are confidence and optimistic metaphor of the business. Legal matters are very sensitive as the details exchanged by the clients should be carefully managed by the legal institutions with confidentiality. In addition, clients select a trustworthy lawyer and hand their case over.

Offshore legal process outsourcing allows law firms to provide better service by enhancing their competitiveness and operational efficiency in such scenarios. As it helps them to concentrate on their core legal aspects and satisfy the demand of their client. Legal professionals are fearful of losing their jobs, as it has been reported that 79,000 legal jobs located in the U.S. will move overseas in 2015.

Offshore legal process outsourcing companies have highly trained practitioners who work vigorously as needed, allowing law firms to concentrate more on understanding the client’s case and strengthening relationships with them.

Measuring Prices for Outsourcing

It is necessary for the organization to see whether or not the outsourcing of legal work would be successful for it. The same can be checked through the following steps:

Outsourcing Price Analysis:

It is possible to verify the actual cost of the outsourcing as a total percentage of a company’s operating costs. Cost analysis may be conducted in the form of pie charts or other analytical instruments to equate the cost of outsourcing with all other business costs.

Investment Return:

It is important that the outsourcing work of the company continues to monitor the market environment and other businesses and ensure that it gets value for money. Business models and pricing continue to evolve from time to time, and the most recent trends need to be taken care of.

Savings Evaluation:

Through outsourcing legal work, the organization will check how much money it saves. The contrast can be made by assessing the cost of having legal work in the home country with the amount of outsourcing work being spent. The organization may also settle on the outsourcing of the legal work in parts rather than the whole job. It is possible to take this decision by determining the maximum cost savings associated with a project. A company can then outsource the portion in which maximum cost savings can be made. Later, if the organization to which the task has been outsourced is satisfied with the outcome, larger projects may be outsourced to make greater cost savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal outsourcing, also named as legal process outsourcing (LPO). That refers to the practice of receiving legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support services company (LPO provider) from a law firm or organization.

You probably require LPO services if you’re a legal practitioner. Legal outsourcing, from individual attorneys, law firms, and legal departments, can help everyone in the legal industry.
Of course, you should do all the legal procedures inside your business. But many, since it’s more effective and easy, prefer to outsource. You can choose if you want one particular job to be outsourced. Or you can simultaneously outsource several processes as well.

In general, in the LPO industry, there are no standard prices. This is because the cost is determined by most LPO providers based on your requirements and preferences.

LPO is a system by which in-house legal departments, law firms, and other organizations outsource legal work from geographical areas where it is expensive to conduct, such as the United States or Europe, to those where it can be done at a greatly reduced cost, mainly India.

● Documents Collecting (directly by our agent from client office or internet)
● Both hard and soft data organization and review (software as well as database system)
● Facilities for direct and successful communication, such as document downloading, scanning,
● Setting up procedures.
● Experienced attorneys other authorities (in respective field).

No, with our company, this is not the case. We have a team of attorneys from renowned law schools who are highly educated and trained. They are well-versed with the rules of major developed nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom and Canada.

By outsourcing legal work to India, a company in a developing nation may expect cost savings of up to 60 percent.

We appoint a project manager for every project to neglect the project’s progress. This project manager will be responsible for all customer contact and coping with any emergencies that might occur during the project’s completion.


LegalRaasta was founded on the principle that sophisticated legal and taxation services should be simple, modern, and inexpensive. We can serve our clients more efficiently thanks to cutting-edge practise technology.

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