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What is Halal Certification ?

In the Quran, Halal is termed as anything permitted/ lawful. The halal pertains to the food along with other types of consumables permitted for consumption & their utilization by Muslims strictly in accordance with Islamic Law.

Why need halal certificate?

The halal quality certification holds applicability to the food, cosmetic along with the products of pharmaceutical industries. It extends attestation for all the items are being produced within complete adherence to the precepts of Islamic Law. This implies there is no forbidden component included. And not in any way come into contact with any of the material/objects that can be considered impure. The halal certification guarantees the Islamic community that respect is being rendered to their religion. It also ensures that the highest hygienic as well as safety standards are met.

We Are No.1 Provider Of Halal Certification!

Our company is no.1 provider of halal certification which is already being recognized in 100+ countries. Get certified to prove that all your offerings( products/ services) meet the highest quality standards, to strengthen trust between you & all your customers.

How does our halal certificate benefits your business?

Wider Market Reach

There is an estimate that Halal consumers may approximately reach the count of 2.2 millions & thus acquire certifications and expand your reach to the global marketplace.

Strengthen brand image

Improve & strengthen your brand image through this quality certificate and set your business apart from the competitors.

Highest Safety Standards

Through certifications, get ready to demonstrate your commitment to deliver safe, highest quality as well as certified products to end consumers.

Gain competitive edge

Demonstrate your diligence by staying abreast with all the latest trends for supplying top-notch products to end consumers.

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