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What is Gumasta License?

The Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act grants you the right to conduct your business at a certain location, and the Gumasta License is a registration for doing business in Maharashtra that is administered by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. The Labour Department is responsible for making all registrations under this law. It is the basic requirement for any business to be recognized by the Government or Bank for all businesses irrespective of whether it is done by a single person or a big organization. It is not possible to obtain GST registration in Maharashtra without having Gumasta License.

However, it is compulsory to register under this act within 30 days of starting the business. The validity of this Gumasta Certificate is only for 5 years. But it has to be renewed after the expiry of 5 years.

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Categories of Gumasta License

  • Retail or wholesale shops.
  • Store rooms, godowns, and warehouses.
  • Any other place of work.
  • Residential hotels.
  • Restaurants or eating houses.
  • Any Public amusement place/entertainment/theater
  • Features of Gumasta License

    Following are the aspects of the business that need to be regulated under the Shop Act:

    Documents required for Gumasta License

    Name of the Business or shop.
    Complete address of the business.
    Name of the employer.
    Mention the nature of the business such as boutique, bakery, etc.
    State the location of the business.
    Any ID proof of the occupier/employer such as an Aadhar Card, voter ID, or passport.
    A copy of the PAN card of the employer or occupier.
    Any address Proof of business such as utility bills like electricity or telephone, or rent deed/agreement, etc.
    Mention the category of Establishment, such as a shop, theater, restaurant, etc.

    Steps for Gumasta License Registration

    1. To register for a Gumasta license and submit the Shops and Establishment Section form online, the applicant can go to the government's official website.

    2. After completing the form and attaching the needed documents, make the payment.

    3. Grab a printout of the application to be submitted to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation's shop license department.

    4. Within 7 working days, assuming all the paperwork is validated, the applicant will receive a shop license.

    5. The concerned officer must also go to the shop's and establishment's location.

    6. After that, you have 30 days to start your business before sending in the Gumasta license registration application.

    Advantages of Applying for a Gumasta License

    You can avail of all the advantages and tax subsidies from the Maharashtra State government available for this scheme once you register for Gumasta License.

    It serves as evidence of your legal status and permits you to operate a business in the state of Maharashtra; without it, you are unable to apply for a GST registration license.

    Every business requires a business bank account to collect money from customers.

    It establishes trust with customers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gumasta License provides you with a certified authority to do your business through a shop or business place. It is also known as the Shop Act license. So, this license is important for all whether you are a small trading business or a service provider.

    The deadline for this is within 30 days of starting the business. The validity of this License is only for 5 years.

    PAN card
    Ration card.
    Statement from current firm Accounts.
    Driving license.
    Voter ID card
    Rent Agreement / Registry ( Any One)
    Rubber Stamp of proprietor and address.
    Color Photo Graphs

    Hours of operation
    Working hours for women
    Protection of women
    Holidays and leave
    Welfare of workers

    Yes, it is necessary for every business. It is mandatory to make this license for a new business within a time specified by the state government before starting the business.

    Application for Gumasta License can be easily done online in the maximum number of states, Hence, there is no need to visit any government office,

    Legal Raasta can provide you with the best online services for a Gumasta license and you will not have to deal with unreliable and uncooperative agents.

    You can get all the online information regarding the Gumasta license in India on Legal Raasta or you can consult with our experts for your queries.

    There is no difference between the Gumasta license and the shop act license. Gumasta is a Persian word that is known as an agent in English.

    You can follow the procedure of Legal Raasta given above to get it online with ease and simplicity.


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