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FSSAI License Renewal

You must be familiar with the phrases Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) license and FSSAI license renewal if you work in the food industry. Any food firm must first obtain an FSSAI license. All food producers, traders, and eateries are required to get a 14-digit registration or license number, which must be printed with the FSSAI logo on the food packaging.

The FSSAI certificate has a one-year expiration date, but you have the option to extend the license's validity for up to five years. When the FSSAI license expires, food business operators must apply for a renewal to keep operations running smoothly. You can connect with our Legalraasta specialist to make the process simpler & faster.

Documents for FSSAI License Renewal

There are a few documents that an FBO has to produce to successfully renew its food license.

Basic FSSAI License Renewal
  • Passport Size Photograph of Applicant.
  • For fssai license renewal, identification proof like a voter ID or an Aadhar card is required.
  • PAN Card & Address Proof like any utility bill.
  • A copy of the lease and the landlord's NOC, if the property is rented.

State FSSAI License Renewal
  • PAN Card & Address Proof like any utility bill.
  • Copy of Property Papers If Owned.
  • Passport Size Photograph of Applicant.
  • Information about Proprietors / Partners / Directors/ Executive Members of Society.
  • Latest Passport size Photograph of the Applicant.
  • Identification proof (Voter ID card or Aadhaar Card) & PAN Card.
  • NOC from the manufacturer (in case of Distributor) / NOC from the Municipality or local body.
FSSAI License Renewal of Manufacturing and Processing Units
  • List/Name of Equipment and Machinery.
  • List of food categories to be produced.
  • Letter of authority from the designated responsible party with name and address provided by the manufacturer to obtain the renewal of the fssai license.
  • Report on the analysis of water from a reputable laboratory that focuses on public health that will be utilized as an ingredient in the food.

Process for FSSAI License Renewal

Offline FSSAI Renewal

1. FSSAI License renewal can be completed by submitting either Form A or Form B, depending on whether the food business is eligible for a given type of license.

2. Then, include a self-attested declaration needed to abide by the Food Safety and Standards Act's rules.

3. After receiving the form, the authority will review it and, if necessary, investigate the FBO'S operational location.

4. The application and inspection report will be approved whenever the inspection officer is satisfied that the FBO's rules have been followed.

5. If the FSSAI renewal is not issued within 60 days of the application being submitted, the FBO may continue operating its business as usual. It will take the authorities about 60 days to issue the FSSAI renewal license.

Compliance Checking

When you request to renew your FSSAI license, the organization arranges for a visit to your registered FBO's location to ensure all rules are being followed. A food safety officer verifies compliance with the rules established by the FSSAI under the Food Safety and Standards Act by examining the facilities' quality, the working environment, and the operators' methods for handling food. The following is a list of FBO compliance levels that the food safety officer has assigned:

  • Compliance(C)
  • Non-Compliance(NC)
  • Partial Compliance
  • Not Applicable/Not Observed (NA)
  • Benefits of Renewing FSSAI

    Consumers now make sure that the food quality meets FSSAI guidelines when it comes to food quality standards if you had FSSAI renewal.

    Any proprietor of a food establishment who holds this license abides by the law so you should have a timely renewal of this license too.

    Consumers are more likely to buy goods with the FSSAI brand when compared to products without one, which builds customer trust and ultimately leads to an increase in sales.

    The alternatives for getting government resources, such as public money, etc., are expanded by holding a fssai license.

    Improved Reputation: The company's reputation and goodwill would naturally improve with an FSSAI registration license, which would ultimately raise customer awareness.

    Points to Note about FSSAI License Renewal

    Here are some important points to be noted for the FSSAI renewal procedure:

    •  Non-Renewal of the FSSAI License could lead to a penalty.

    •  The Food License currently issued to the FBO will be put in the Renewal Bin 60 days before the date of expiry. FBOs are advised to apply for renewal as soon as their license appears in the renewal bin.

    •  FBOs should apply for the food license renewal 30 days before the license expiry. In case of delays, a penalty of ₹ 100/day will be charged to the Food Operator.

    •  In case of modifications to the renewal application, make sure to get in touch with a designated officer who might provide you with a tracking ID receipt number.

    •  You have to accept the warning message to continue with the FSSAI License renewal if you don’t the application will be considered incomplete.

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