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Following the Extended Producer Responsibility, or EPR laws is essential for companies operating in Karnataka, as environmental sustainability becomes more and more important in today's business climate. Our knowledgeable staff focuses on making it easier for businesses to register EPR Certificates, which guarantees that they fulfill their environmental responsibilities and opens up new doors for expansion and compliance. The registration process for EPRs, Certificates which includes imports, e-waste management, plastic garbage, and batteries.

The Central Pollution Responsibility Board has direct responsibility over EPR certificate. This increased producer duty is based on CPCB principles. Guidelines, laws, and regulations pertaining to Extended Producer Responsibility placed specific obligations on various parties, including the owners of brands, producers, importers, clients, and vendors, by allocating responsibility for the recycling or end-of-life disposal of waste plastic and packaging waste produced by them. The extended producer responsibility has been implemented to protect and reduce the spread of plastic pollutants in the natural environment, as well as to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on nature. Requested that the Action Plan for Form I Renewal under PWM Rules 2016 be endorsed based on Rule 13(6) suggestion. The government has been heartened by a slew of ideas from plastic makers and recycling firms.

If you are a producer, importer, or brand owner with an obligation to fulfill EPR Certificates in Karnataka. You can register in any three types of EPRs.

Step 1 : EPR Certificates for E-Waste Management

To take the place of the e-waste (Management) Regulations, 2016, the Central Government proposed the EPR Certificates for E-Waste (Management) Guidelines, 2022, in accordance with the authority granted by Sections 6, 8, as well as 25 of the Environmental (Protection) Act of 1986. The Indian public gained access to the new regulations on May 19, 2022, when the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change published them in the Indian Gazette. They became effective on April 1st, 2023. The restrictions apply to all manufacturers, producers, refurbishes, dismantlers, and recyclers who develop, sell, transfer, purchase, refurbish, dismantle, recycle, or otherwise process any electronic or electronic devices mentioned in Schedule I. This covers the consumables, parts, accessories, and spares needed to maintain the equipment's functionality.

Step 2: EPR Certificates for Plastic Waste Management

To carry out the authorities provided by section 3, 6, as well as 25 of the Environmental Protection Act in 1986, as well as replacing the EPR Certificates for Plastics Waste Management (Amendment) Guidelines of the year 2016, the government of India enacted new legislation known to be the Plastic Management Rules 2022.These regulations went into effect July 1, 2022.Their proposals apply to plastic packaging. The Producer, Importer, and Brands Owners (PIBO) are granted Extended Producer Responsibility in accordance with the Plastic Waste Management Guidelines, 2022. All plastic trash is generated by plastic packaging producers (P), importers (I), and brand owners (BO), which include supermarkets, retail chains, online marketplaces, and micro and small businesses.

Step 3 : EPR Certificates for Battery Waste Management

On August 22, 2022, Ministry of the Environment, Forestry, and the Climate Change released the EPR Certificates for Battery Wastes Management Regulations, 2022 (BWM Rules, 2022), which superseded the Battery (The Management and Handling) Rules, 2001. BWM Guidelines for 2022. It applies to any battery, regardless of its chemistry, form, weight, or volume, composition of materials, or intended purpose. This limitation binds the following producers:

  • ➢ It produces and promotes batteries under its very own label, including those that have been rehabilitated and used in machinery.
  • ➢ selling batteries, including reconditioned and used batteries, that are produced by other suppliers or manufacturers and are marketed under their own brand.
  • ➢ Batteries and other battery-powered equipment should be imported.

The importance of the EPR certificate

Holders with EPR registrations can enjoy the following benefits.

1. Increased brand recognition

Companies that have acquired EPR accreditation can demonstrate their commitment to environmentally friendly practices and ethical waste management. As a result, stakeholders' and customers' perceptions of their brand may improve, boosting customer trust and loyalty.

2. Upholding the law

Several countries require firms to obtain certificates and follow EPR requirements to indicate that they accept responsibility for the trash generated by their products. By obtaining an EPR certificate for E-Waste, businesses may confirm that they are adhering to specific legal obligations.

3. Savings

Using environmentally friendly waste management practices can help organizations save money on disposal while increasing productivity. By acquiring an EPR authorization, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to waste reduction and how doing so would ultimately save them money.

4. Entry into new markets

Enterprises possessing an EPR certificate for plastic waste may be eligible to function in areas where sustainable waste management techniques and responsible environmental management are widely accepted. This could help firms increase their customer base and revenue streams.

4. Enhanced supply chain management

Companies can reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions caused by waste-related issues by implementing sustainable waste management practices. The supply chain of goods may thus become more reliable and efficient.

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