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DGEHS Empanelment

In the month of April (1997), “DGEHS or Delhi Government Employees Health Scheme”, was formally announced and launched.

DGEHS aims to provide a complete set of medical facilities to the “employees of Delhi government, pensioners and their dependents”. DGEHS scheme was developed based on the base pattern of CGHS. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and dispensaries”, which are managed and run by the Delhi government are recognized under the scheme. Other self-governing bodies and local bodies such as MCD, NDMC, AIIMS, Patel Chest Institute (University of Delhi), Delhi Cantonment Board are also recognized under the scheme. There has also been empanelment of some private hospitals/diagnostic centers under the DGEHS scheme. These private hospitals or diagnostic centers are also impaneled as “Referral health facilities”.

Documents Required for DGEHS Empanelment

Individual & Hospital photograph.
Private information (proof of residence, stay of dependents, age proof of dependents).
Registration certificate for a hospital.
Bio-medical waste certificate for DGEHS empanelment Scheme.
Information on the medical professionals and administrative personnel.
List of services rendered.
Entry-level/NABH certification (if available).
Any other Empanelment’s.
NOC from Fire department.
Pension Payment Order (PPO)(For pensions).

Eligibility for DGEHS Scheme

Process for DGEHS Empanelment

1. Filling out an application form

In order to join DGEHS empanelment Scheme, an employee or pensioner must first complete an application form that is available on the DGEHS website. as well as releases Medical Index forms The applicant will then get Medical Index forms, which must be completed by the applicant.

2. Submit Documents Online

Then, in accordance with the scheme's requirements, the application pensioner must provide the necessary current subscription and relevant empanelment documentation.

3. Reply to Explanation Emails

The DGEHS Department would then send clarification emails to verify all the facts according to the applicant's CS(MA) rules and service record.

4. Inspection of the Hospital

Hospital inspections may also be conducted as needed.

5. Final Confirmation of Empanelment

The department may make sure that prior to releasing medical cards, all information has been reviewed and validated in accordance with the regulations and may request final empanelment confirmation from DGEHS.

6. Medical Facility Card

The Medical Facility Card will be granted by the appropriate office following verification of the records, as necessary, and the deposit of the required amount to that employee while in service. The Medical Facility Card must be returned at the time of retirement.

Benefits of Delhi Government Employees Health Scheme

Expert consultations at government hospitals or polyclinics.

Medical examinations performed in government or DGEHS approved diagnostic facilities.

Cashless services at diagnostic facilities and hospitals with accreditation.

Outpatient care (OPD), including prescription costs.

Nowadays, more than 50% of patients from middle-class or upper-class families fall under one of the panels. As a result, getting panels is now required or you risk losing a lot of potential prospects.

DGEHS is one of the best panels to have in order to obtain such empanelment’s, which increases patients' trust in your hospital or clinic. Also, you get to expand your clinic or hospital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You receive various advantages from the DGEHS empanelment scheme, including increased revenue, patient volume, and client confidence.

You have two options for applying: either directly through the DGEHS website or with the assistance of our best DGEHS empanelment adviser, LegalRaasta.

Experts in DGEHS empanelment, Legalraasta manages the entire empanelment procedure and aids partner hospitals in expanding. In terms of hospital setup, empanelments, CRM, pricing negotiations, machine procurement, claim processing, and internet marketing, we can be of assistance.

The Delhi Government Employees Health Scheme is a welfare programme designed to give its beneficiaries access to comprehensive medical care. It is modelled after the CGHS and typically adheres to its prices and rules.


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