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What are the Rights for Filing a Consumer Complaint?

Right to Safety

The customer has a right to be shielded from any possibly hazardous items, services that aid in filing fraud complaint, or potentially dangerous products themselves.

Right to Information

Before buying any goods or services, you have the right to information about them.

Right to Select

As a consumer, you have the freedom to select from a variety of goods and services at fair prices that meet your needs when submitting an online consumer complaint.

Right to Be Heard

If a seller or service provider has violated your rights as a consumer, you have the right to be heard and to seek remedy in one of the many consumer court located around the country.

Right Against Unfair Commercial Practices

As a consumer, you are also given a number of protections against any unfair trade practices, including failure to send a bill, refusal to exchange goods or issue refunds, and negotiation tactics.

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Who is Consumer?

A consumer is a person who pays money to buy something or use a service, either for personal consumption or to support themselves through self-employment. The consideration may be fully or partially paid, promised, or paid. It also covers a recipient of such products or services when use is authorized by such individual. Therefore, every consumer has been granted the right to protest against fraud online in a consumer court.

For instance, if you visit a grocery store and buy chocolate, you are a consumer. The customer is king of the market, but many businesses take advantage of them by offering fake goods or services or by deceiving them in other ways. As a result, the government now grants you the right to file a consumer complaint both offline and online.

Customers have the legal right to file a lawsuit after paying for a particular good or service if they receive subpar goods or services in return. Consumers have a number of legal rights and safeguards under the Consumer Protection Act. With a formal complaint known as an online consumer complaint, a client may sue a company or service provider in court. Whenfiling a complaint, all pertinent data and supporting evidence must be provided. Indian consumer courts provide clients with timely legal advice and judgements.


Different Consumer Courts Under the 2019 COPRA Act

DCDRF (District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum)

DCDRF (District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum): Any complaint regarding a consumer concern or fraud with a demand for reimbursement of the less than 1 crore rupees is accepted by the DCDRF, a district-level agency for resolving consumer disputes.

SCDRC (State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission)

The SCDRC is a state-level organization that handles consumer complaint involving compensation claims that are greater than 1 crore but less than 10 crore rupees.

NCDRC (National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission)

The NCDRC is the highest court in the nation and considers consumer disputes if the amount sought in compensation exceeds 10 crore rupees. Online consumer complaint may also be sent to the NCDRC.


Service with a Fair Price
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Damaged Item is Replaced
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What are Benefits for Submitting Consumer Complaints?

  • Refund in full for the products or services.
  • Payment of any “legal fees” incurred in the consumer complaint filing.
  • Replacement for the faulty item.
  • On the seller’s website, conflicts about online sales or purchases might be chosen.
  • Seller might be well-ordered to stop engaging in unfair trade practices.
  • Compensation in full or in part for any loss.
  • Fraud complaint may be brought in a district court or a state court.

Procedure for Filling Consumer Complaint

Acquire a Plan
Add Drafting and Litigation Queries
Providing Documents
Receive a Consumer Compliant Notice

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any registered nonprofit organization or two or more consumers with a shared interest may file a complaint on behalf of consumers.

A "consumer complaint" is a formal legal grievance against a seller or service provider that is filed in the proper consumer forum, which is the consumer court.

Under Consumer Protection Act, statutory entities "known as Consumer Courts" are established to specifically safeguard the rights and interests of a consumer and to handle lawsuits brought by consumers.

A consumer complaint matter is typically resolved in 8 to 12 months, however it occasionally takes a little longer.


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