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Business Plan Preparation

Every new venture should have a business plan. A Business Plan Preparation is the formally composed expression of the entrepreneurial vision. It explains the strategy and operations of the proposed venture. A venture capital group might call it the “funding plan” or “investment prospectus”. Presented to an investor, it might be called a “loan proposal.

The advantages of writing a Business Plan Preparation, outweigh the costs. The reason for the arrangement is to empower the top executives of the firm to consider their business comprehensively, to communicate their objectives to people who might have a stake in the firm’s future, to have the premises for making decisions, and to encourage the planning process.

Documents Required for Business Plan Preparation

Organization's financials.
Any business plan-related draughts.
Any other information that will be useful in carrying out the business plan.

Process for Business Plan Preparation

1. We begin with a discussion to determine your company's needs and requirements. We make certain that specific advice is tailored to the needs of your company.

2. During our initial meeting for Business Plan Preparation, we would need to review specific documents and information about your company.

3. Following an initial discussion, we will negotiate the terms of our engagement with your company.

4. Following that, we will begin preparing the business plan based on the needs of your company. The draught business plan that we execute will include the following sections: Introduction to Business, Executive Summary Information, Business Products, Financial Projections, and Final Outlines of the Business Plan.

5. We will provide you with a draught of the business plan in the final phase. The Business Plan Preparation is done based on your inputs, which means that any changes to the business plan will be made if necessary.

Why Business Plan Preparation?

The Business Plan benefits the whole organization team. Establishing a new business can be enormously fulfilling and exhilarating, but it is also an uneasy, exhaustive, and strained experience.

In Business Plan Preparation, a lot of money is usually at stake, and poor decisions can lead to long-term monetary and non-monetary losses.

By creating and composing a business plan, the entrepreneurial team reduces these anxieties and pressures by standing up to them in advance.

By projecting the risks of the new venture into the future, the team understands potential negative outcomes and the possibility of failure. LegalRaasta can help you through the process of Business Plan preparation.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Investor Presentation
Market/ Industry Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Financial Projection
Funding Consultation
Business Model Definition

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Frequently Asked Questions

A business planning consultant has the following roles and responsibilities: strategy advice, creating a plan of action, Implementing the action plan, and creating risk analysis and mitigation for the business.

A business plan is required for every organization. A start-up, for example, would need to create a business plan to secure bank loans or seed funding. A multinational organization, similarly, would require a business plan to diversify its product segments. As a result, Business Plan Preparation is critical for all organizations.

Collecting initial information, developing a budget analysis, preparing a draught business plan, and putting the plan into action are the main stages of business plan preparation for consulting.

The benefits of using the best advisor for Business Plan Preparation include an expert team of professionals with 24*7 customer support, less time-consuming, and less expensive. as well as feedback and post-monitoring advice.


LegalRaasta was founded on the principle that sophisticated legal and taxation services should be simple, modern, and inexpensive. We can serve our clients more efficiently thanks to cutting-edge practise technology.

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