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What is Barcode?

A barcode is essentially a machine-readable code that takes the shape of a square or rectangle and is made up of parallel black lines and white spaces of varied widths that follow a predetermined algorithm. Barcodes are attached to the products so they may be quickly identified. In other words, it is a technique for encoding data into a pattern that a machine can recognize.

Among many other functions, they are used in warehouses to maintain inventory, as part of the buying process in retail establishments, and on invoices to aid in accounting. For this reason, you should speak with our legalraasta finest counsel for Barcode registration to benefit from it.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry's non-profit organization, GS1, is the international body that oversees and standardizes barcodes throughout India and was established in 1996.

The GS1 set of standards is used by close to 2 million businesses globally in 20 different industries, including retail and consumer packaged products, transportation and logistics, food, healthcare, and government. If you are seeking a trustworthy company to get your Barcode Registration Online then Legal Raasta is the best priority you can ever have. Hurry up! Apply for Barcode registration today.

Different type of product/SKUs/variant which has to be identified uniquely by a manufacturer or retailer needs a unique product barcode such as:

  • New Product
  • New Product Variant
  • Change of Name
  • Major Product Description Change
  • Declared Contents Change
  • New Packaging Type
  • Declared Changed Weight or Volume
  • Gift Attached

  • The different pack usually depends on the sizes (for example, 1 kg, 200kg, 500g) and the combined items in a promotional pack like a new pack represent a new product variant/SKU/type so it requires a new product barcode of course for its unique identification. On the other hand, products with different colors, pack sizes/sizes, quality, styles, etc are required to be considered as different product variants/SKUs.

    Documents Required for the Barcode Registration

    Letter requesting allotment of the barcode.
    PAN card & canceled cheque.
    Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) for Barcode Registration.
    Audited financial statements and audited balance sheets.
    Certificate for a shop establishment.
    Certificate of GST or VAT Registration.
    Certificate of GST Registration for sole proprietorship or partnership businesses.
    Certificate of ROC.
    Certificate of Incorporation for Private and Public Limited Companies to get a barcode registration certificate.
    For additional entities like Hindu Undivided Families (HUF), Registered Societies, etc., a GST Registration Certificate or Registrar of Society (ROS) Certificate is required.
    Product information to register a barcode.

    Process of Barcode Registration

    1. Visit the official website to register for a barcode.

    2. Complete all required fields and upload all required papers as directed.

    3. Choose the package type that you require.

    4. After making the appropriate payment for the package selected, a representative will be assigned to handle it.

    5. Your application procedure must be filed following careful review and all required permissions.

    6. Following the successful completion of your application, you will now receive your barcode registration certificates.

    Business Benefits of Barcode

    Reduce Human Error

    The likelihood of human mistakes significantly decreased with the introduction of barcodes. Compared to barcodes, manually inputting data has a far larger probability of error. A simple barcode scan, however, can save time because it is quick and more accurate.

    Decrease Training Time

    A business may quickly cut down on the time required for employee training with the use of a barcode registration system. Getting the hang of the handheld scanner for reading barcodes only takes a minute. Also, personnel is not becoming familiar with the complete pricing or inventory process. Not only does it save time, but it also lowers the cost of the training process.

    Cheap Printing and Design

    Generally, they are quite inexpensive no matter what they are used for or where they are attached. It is reasonably customizable in a range of finishes and materials.


    Barcodes are extremely versatile and can be used for any type of data collection that is required. Either pricing or inventory details are possible. They can also be used to track more than just the products themselves and can be mounted to almost any surface. Increases Inventory Control: Inventory levels can be decreased because barcodes made it feasible to track inventory so precisely. Typically, this results in lesser overhead. Also, you can trace the location of the equipment and cut down on search time.

    Better Data

    You can get the data more rapidly once the barcode is ready to be utilized for pricing and inventory information. But, you can also alter it to include more pertinent data to your needs. For a wide range of applications, its data is typically quicker and more reliable.

    Quick Data Accessibility

    The data is instantly ready because it is directly scanned into the main computer. As a result, there won't be any time—not even minutes—wasted on data entry or retrieval.

    Better Decision Making

    Encourages better decision-making since it allows for the quick and accurate gathering of information to enable more informed decision-making. Hence, making better decisions helps you save time and money.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A barcode is a type of generally used sign made up of parallel lines and numbers that can be read by machines and is used to identify and track various products. They are mostly used in retail businesses as part of the purchasing process, in warehouses to track inventory, on invoices to help with accounting, and for a variety of other purposes.

    India barcodes provide the GTINs which is 100% genuine, originate with GS1, and are thus accepted by most retail outlets within India and globally. So, we suggest you make contact with the proposed retailers for the intended supply first and make inquiries about their policies and arrangements before purchasing.

    No, the barcode is simply a guaranteed unique identifier that is linked to your products and recorded into a retailer’s inventory.

    Never, once you purchase a barcode, the codes are yours forever.


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