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Shop Establishment Certificate

A shop establishment certificate is required whenever an organization begins to employ individuals, whether it be part-time, full-time, contractually, etc. to control working conditions and guarantee that workers' rights are upheld. Informally, it is sometimes known as a Shop License.

When establishing a hotel, shop, or other commercial location, the Shop Establishment registration is a state-based registration that is necessary. The Shops and Establishment Act requires that any new shop or establishment be registered. You have 30 days from the start of the work to obtain a license. The Shop Establishment Certificate has a one-year expiration date and is renewable annually.

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Documents Required for Shop and Establishment License

Copy of PAN Card
Passport-size photo of the applicant.
A photo of the owner and the shop.
Information on the business, its workers, and their pay scales for the Shop & Establishment license.
Address proof of Shop/establishment.
The number of employees for the Shop Establishment Certificate.
Partnership Deed or COI.
Authorization letter/self-attested letter for the owner.
Challan/Payment Receipt/Transaction Receipt.
Employer’s name and manager’s name.

Why Shop and Establishment Certificate?

Easy to Obtain
Minimal Compliances
Audit not required

How to Obtain a Certificate of Shop Establishment?

1. Application Submission

Initially, you must submit your application to the local inspector in the format specified within 40 days of opening your shop or establishment.

2. Filler Information

Together with the application, basic information about the shop and its owner must be provided.

3. Verification

The inspector will check the information provided after receiving a registration application.

4. Entry in the Establishment's Register

Inspector will put the information in the establishment registration if there are no complications with the details.

5. Issue of Certificate

A registration Shop Establishment Certificate, which differs from state to state and must be prominently displayed on the establishment website, will be issued by him.

Advantages of the Shop & Establishment Registration

Creates a Current Account

Obtaining a Shop Establishment Certificate from a chartered accountant might assist a person in opening a current account with a bank.

Easy Inspector Visits

If a state or local municipality inspector comes to your office, you can easily escape his net because you have already registered.

Not Complying

After registration, there is no compliance necessary. Hence, obtaining a Shop Establishment Certificate from Legalraasta will only incur a single expense.


The entire process can be finished in only two days because it is online.

What is Included In Our Package?

Application Drafting
Government Fees
Shop Establishment Certificate

Who should have Shop & Establishment License?

Every person who owns a store or other location where a business can be conducted is required to acquire a Shop Establishment Certificate. This also applies to companies that have an office or office branch where a business can be conducted.

Why is Registration for Retail Establishments Required?

People typically register as shops and establishments to open current accounts with banks because these accounts cannot be opened without at least two pieces of documentation evidence, such as service tax registration, an import-export code, and VAT registration, among others. It is more crucial to obtain this license than to register a bank account since without it, an inspector visiting the business location could give the businessman unneeded troubles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding working conditions, some laws and norms have been passed by every state in India. The major goals are to ensure that employees working in various enterprises, such as stores, residential hotels, and commercial establishments, as well as restaurants, theatres, and other locations that provide public entertainment or amusement, have access to uniform benefits.

The shop establishment act establishes guidelines for working hours per day and week, spread-over, rest periods, opening and closing hours, national and religious holidays, closed days, rules for employing children, young people, and women, rules for overtime work, rules for maternity leave, rules for annual leave, rules for sickness and casual leave, rules for employment and termination of service, and all of these require a shop establishment license to operate.

According to the Shop Establishment Act, every firm must request approval from the Department of Labour and maintain accurate records of all employees, fines, deductions, and advances, as well as their salaries and holiday days. Perhaps varying from state to state, the requirements call for annual submission to the Municipal Corporation office of documents about annual holidays and the number of employees. Once these requirements have been met, an individual should have a shop establishment certificate.

Within 30 days of the start of business, every shop and establishment must completely register themselves under this statute. Given that this license is so fundamental, many other licenses need it as evidence of a commercial enterprise. Most of the time, if you wish to open a current account, the banks will require you to provide it. The PAN card of the business owner or the business itself, a copy of the rental agreement or sale deed, and information about every employee are required to obtain a shop establishment certificate. If you are unsure how to proceed, you can contact Legalraasta for assistance.

Even if only one employee is working there, every office and store where commercial activities are conducted must comply with the shop and establishment legislation. The Office or Corporate office will be covered under the Shop and Establishment Act. Moreover, the provision of leave and other rules shall be applicable, even when your company is registered under the Companies Act.


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