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Service Tax Returns

In India, service tax is an indirect tax levied on services provided by service providers. It is a tax that the service provider pays and then recoups from the recipient of taxable services. All service providers with a turnover of more than Rs. 9 lahks must register for service tax. Failure to apply would result in a Rs. 5,000 fine or Rs. 200 per day, whichever is greater. Even if you don't have any revenues, if you have a Service Tax Registration, you must file your returns by October 25th (for April to September) and April 25th (for October to March). All of your Service tax obligations must be paid before you file this form.

Service Tax Returns Filing is done through LegalRaasta.

Documents Required for Filling Service Tax

A copy of the assessee's PAN card.
Evidence of the location of the property being registered.
Copy of a bill for telephone, electricity, or rent that is in the name of the business, firm, partner, or proprietor.
Copy of the Memorandum of Association in the case of a Private Limited or Limited Company, or the Partnership Deed in the case of a Partnership Firm.
Evidence of the branch's or premises' address.

Process for Filling Service Tax Returns

1. After logging into the ACES, use the "File Return" option under the RET module to prepare and file returns online.

2. Offline preparation and filing of returns is also an option. The Assessee must download the government website's Offline Return Preparation Utility before using it to prepare the return offline.

3. Uploads the return after choosing RET from the main menu.

4. Before being accepted into the system, returns uploaded through this process are evaluated by the ACES, which could take up to one business day.

5. The status will say "uploaded" if ACES is processing it, "Filed" if the system has accepted it successfully, or "Rejected" if ACES has refused the return because of a validation problem. After modifications, the rejected returns may be resubmitted.

6. An acknowledgment with a number in the pattern "registration number Type of return Month and Year of the return" will be displayed following the successful submission of a return.

7. According to the laws, the Service Tax Revised Returns may only be filed once within 90 days after the date of the First Return.

8. After 90 days, there is no provision for submitting an amended return.

Features of Service Tax

Small-scale service providers exempted from Service tax registration that provides service of less than Rs. 10 Lacs in a year.

Service tax registration is deemed to be guaranteed if registration of service tax is not issued within 7 days, after filing of form ST1 along with the relevant documents.

Service tax is not applicable for services exported from India.

A service tax return is filed twice a year. Return must be filed by 25th October and 25th April respectively for the half-year ending 30th September and 31st March.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The amount will be subject to service tax at a flat rate of 14%.

A copy of the PAN Card, proof of business address, and business constitution (Partnership deed, Incorporation Certificate, etc.) are required to obtain service tax registration.

Companies, Societies, Trusts, and so on must deposit service return payments on a monthly basis. Proprietary and Partnership Firms are required to make quarterly service return payments.

Failure to apply would result in a Rs. 5,000 fine or Rs. 200 per day, whichever is greater.

Service Returns are due every six months. Returns must be filed twice a year, on the 25th of October and the 25th of April for the fiscal years ending in September and March, respectively.

All persons or entities liable to pay this tax or registered for service tax must file a service tax return.

The fine is Rs. 500 for up to 15 days of delay, Rs. 1000 for up to 30 days of delay, and an additional Rs. 100 per day thereafter, up to a maximum of Rs. 20,000.


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