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Procedure for International Trademark Registration

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International Trademark Registration

The trademark applicant must file a Madrid Protocol international trademark registration application through the trademark office, also referred to as the place of origin. The Office of Registrar of Trademarks in India is the point of origin if there are any Indian businesses.

If your trademark application is approved and deemed to be in compliance with all legal requirements, your mark, logo, or word can be published in the WIPO Gazette of International Marks and added to the International Registry.

Why do I register for an International Trademark?

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About Madrid Protocol

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a specialized UN organization with its main office in Geneva, Switzerland, is in charge of managing the Madrid Protocol.

Currently, there are 116 Contracting Parties to the Protocol who are members of the Madrid Union, comprising both States and intergovernmental bodies. They represent over 80% of world trade flows with attractive markets. The Convention offers a user-friendly and cost-effective set of procedures for the central filing of international trademark registration applications and the central management of registrations with effects in all or some of the member countries, enabling you to obtain and maintain protection for your brand throughout the world. The application is forwarded to WIPO for examination, registration, and publication. Next, the particulars of the international registration are notified by WIPO to each of the designated Members of the Convention. The members have to decide, within strict time limits, whether they can grant protection to your mark in their territories. In the territory of that member. Same as if it was registered directly with the IP office of that member.

The International Trademark depends on the national trademark for a period of 5 years from the date of registration of your International Mark.

In these 5 years, the invalidation of the national trademark will correspondingly invalidate the International Registration.

Process of Filing International Trademark

Filing for International Trademark under Madrid Convention

International Trademark registration can be applied by a physical person, legal entity resident, or a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in a member state of the Madrid Protocol.

Step 1: Applying Through your National Trademark Office (Office of Origin)

Before filing an international application, you need to be already registered, or filed an application, in the Trademark & IP office of the country you are based in. This application is known as the Basic Trademark Application. Next, you need to apply for International Trademark through this same Office, which will certify and forward it to WIPO.

Step 2: Formal Examination by WIPO

Your application is only subjected to a formal review by WIPO, and upon approval, your international mark is included in the International Registry and made public in the WIPO Gazette of International Marks. Then, WIPO will send you a certificate of your international registration and notify the IP Offices in all the territories where you have applied to have your mark protected. As mentioned in your application.

Do note that the scope of protection of international registration is not defined at this stage in the process. It is only determined after substantive examination and decision by the IP/Trademark Offices in those territories.

Step 3: Examination by National Offices (Offices of the Territories or Contracting Parties)

The IP Offices of the territories, where you want your mark protected, shall decide, within the applicable time limit (12 or 18 months) following their legislation. WIPO will register the decisions of the Trademark Offices in the International Register and notify you.

If an IP office declines to register your mark, subsequent offices' choices to get your international trademark registration certificate are unaffected by this action. You can contest a refusal decision directly before this Trademark Office concerned under its legislation. If an Office accepts to protect your mark, it will state a grant of protection.

This International Trademark is valid for 10 years. You can renew the registration at the end of 10 years directly with WIPO with effect in the designated Contracting Parties concerned.

Benefits of International Trademark Registration

Global Market

You can access the global market by registering your trademark with the Madrid System. If your business operations are online, your products may more easily be reached, by global customers.

Effective Brand Management

By registering your brand internationally through the Madrid Convention the brand can be easily managed through a centralized system, and the business expanded into new markets.

One-time Application & Fees

File a single application in one language and pay one set of fees to apply for trademark protection in multiple countries. Changes and renewal of trademarks are also convenient.

Save Cost & Time

It offers a practical, affordable method of trademark protection on a global scale, saving money and time. Filing a single application saves time as well. In case no objection is raised, the Trademark can get registered within 18 to 20 months.

Changes and Renewal

After the date of registration, international trademark registration is valid for ten years. However, changes and renewal facilities are also easily available. One can renew the same with a simple application form submitted to WIPO. And it can be renewed countless times for periods of 10 years.

Protecting your Brand in Export/Import

Protect your brand from counterfeits. You can take action against infringing parties or others for impersonating your trademark.

Multiple Modes

An International Trademark can be used as licensing agreement (allowed for all or part of the territories designated), a sales contract (allowed only for subjects that may require an international trademark), or used simply to secure your brand.

Cost of Applying for International Trademark

For applying for an International trademark registration separately in each country, our fee starts at $49 + Govt. charges. We first apply for a basic trademark using the Madrid Protocol and pay the country's clearance cost, depending on where your company is located.

International fees are the international application fees to WIPO. This is to be paid in your country itself. But in Swiss francs. The amount takes into account how many countries you have selected in your application and how many classes of goods and services you have applied for.


Processing times in each country are different, but none takes longer than 18 months, generally. If the trademark doesn’t get rejected within this period, it is considered registered in the country concerned.

Your application will get processed in each of the territories you have chosen. The authorities will inform you if the trademark has either been deemed valid or refused registration in their countries. A letter of refusal will contain information about the changes required in the application or other reasons for refusal. And a time limit within which to complete the changes. Different countries would have different practices regarding what is acceptable in the specification of goods and services.

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LegalRaasta team strives to make the process of registering an International Trademark easy, seamless, cheapest, and quickest. We are constantly endeavoring to assist in all business-related issues of our Indian, as well as international clients. Be it incorporation, compliance, audits & accountancy, and/or management consultancy. Get in touch with us for International Trademark registration. Whether through the Madrid Protocol or not. Get registered with us, NOW, to protect your brand.

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Due to our healthy relationships with all crucial associates — including global online authorities, government registration sites, and other platforms — our inquiries are taken seriously and sorted in time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An International Registration or IR is how a registration secured under the Madrid System is typically known.

A natural person or a legal entity with a legitimate and operational industrial or commercial establishment.

Each contracting party, i.e. the country or territory in which you have applied, will be able to evaluate your trademark application using the WIPO system.

No, trademarks are territorial in nature and must be filed in each country where you wish to protect your brand.

No. Registration of a trademark is not mandatory. However, registration is the only plausible evidence of the proprietorship of the trademark. And you cannot take the infringing person to court for impersonating your brand. For unregistered marks, action cannot be brought against any person for passing off goods or services as the goods of another person or as services provided by another person.


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