• GST ASP, GSP & API Solutions
  • GST API for Return Filing
  • GST API for Registration
  • GST API for GST Payments
  • Intuitive UI
  • Electronic Document Signing
  • Reconciliation and Amendments
  • Filing of Return
  • Full-Time Support

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What is GST API?

The application programming interface for GST is called GST API. An API serves as a bridge between two programs so that they can communicate with one another, and APIs are crucial to simplifying GST compliance.


  •  GST ASP, GSP & API Solutions
  •  GST API for return Filing
  •  GST API for Registration
  •  GST API for GST Payments

API Features

  •  Intuitive UI
  •  Electronic document Signing
  •  Reconciliation and Amendments
  •  Filing of Return
  •  Full-Time Support

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Scalable Cloud-Based Technology

A scalable cloud-based technology called Built to Scale is used to manage GST compliance. Our API retrieves the invoices from your program and makes it convenient for the users to file a return.

API Support

Our Tech Team quickly assists you in integrating the API with your ERP/Accounting Solution.


The DB's Encrypted parameter ensures that all data is encrypted.

Support for Development

The most widely used languages provide documentation that includes sample code for implementation.

Benefits of Using GST Developer API

The GST Developer API establishes a connection between the taxpayer and the GSTIN server and grants access to a variety of services, including return filing, ledger reading, payment retrieval, and more.

The documentation for the GST API offers instructions on how to integrate the GST API with several ERPs, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Tally, and other accounting programs used by taxpayers or enterprises.

Together with GSP authentication, which has a cutting-edge and intelligent system that gives results with precision even if the GST servers are down, GST API or GSTIN API documentation provides appropriate and perfect results with zero to minimize errors.

GST's API integration produces a quicker and more accurate answer, and the creation of API keys is also rapid and effective.

Several results can be checked and opened simultaneously with the use of GST. It can be useful for viewing and saving various GST returns, checking the status of GST returns, and assisting with payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will share the data fields and the response request details with you. Your software just needs to make a request to our API with the required fields and our API will fetch the data and create a return.

Usage of LegalRaasta return filing API is free for software/app companies. However, LegalRaasta will be charging a nominal amount for filing a return from the end client.

For companies with more than 1000 return filing requests (estimated) monthly, the LegalRaasta team will work actively to integrate the GST API. For small players, LegalRaasta will release the code & you can integrate the API on your own. We will provide support if required.

LegalRaasta has released a GST return filing API. You will need to submit all the required fields (return filing) and user credentials to the GST API script. Our script will auto-process the entries and display the output to the user for review. Once the user is satisfied with the output, they can submit their GST return to the government.


LegalRaasta was founded on the principle that sophisticated legal and taxation services should be simple, modern, and inexpensive. We can serve our clients more efficiently thanks to cutting-edge practise technology.

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