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FSSAI Product Approval

FSSAI Product Approval is basically a procedure in which FSSAI, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India deems a product fit for consumption/ use in further food production capacity. The product approval by FSSAI is needed when the ingredients of the product do not comply with the regulations of the Food Safety and Standards Act. A Food Business Operator (FBO) might have to get the FSSAI product approval in case the food has some additives not prescribed under the regulations of FSSAI.
A product willing to enter the FSSAI approved product list, had to do so via filing the FSSAI Product approval application and a demand draft for the prescribed fee to the FSSAI office in New Delhi. This system worked well up until a few years. However, as soon as the volume of applications to FSSAI increased they decided to switch to the FSSAI Product Approval System (FPAS) online. This online system was also brought in to increase the transparency in the product approval procedure by FSSAI.
The Product approval by FSSAI is granted at a Central Government level.

Which Food Products require product approval ?

Food products includise of Food Ingredients or food additives for which there are no standards notified by FSSAI will require product approval. However, recently FSSAI has tried to include many categories of food products eligible for approval. Some of these include :

These products have been notified for product approval under the Food Safety and Standards (Food or Health Supplements,Nutraceuticals, Foods for Special Dietary Uses, Foods for Special Medical Purpouse, Functional Foods and Novel Food) Regulation, 2016

In addition to this, following FBO’s are covered under the notification for Product Approval

Essential Documents for FSSAI Product Approval

Process for FSSAI Product Approval Process

The procedure for the FSSAI product approval consists of the following steps:

Start a Business (Business Structure Establishment)

The approval for a food product by FSSAI is the lifeline of food businesses as it grants the business the power to manufacture and market certain types of products in India. FSSAI product approval is granted only after a considerable amount of processing and procedures and it also includes a payment of high fees to the FSSAI. Therefore, in order to streamline the procedure of approval for a product, it is advisable to incorporate a corporate entity like a Private Limited Company, Proprietorship or an LLP.

Food Business Operator License

The Food Business Operator License or the FSSAI License as it is generally referred to is the basic necessity for businesses involved in the manufacture, handling, selling of food products. In order to get your food product approval, a copy of the FSSAI license of the operator is needed to be attached to the food product approval application. Here, at LegalRaasta we can help you acquire the FSSAI License.

Test Reports

The food product approval procedure in India requires that along with the application, and the food license, you also submit a bunch of test reports from National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Accredited Labs. The tests conducted on a particular product vary according to the type of the product. The NABL lab reports are used to validate the claims made by the food business about the product including label claims, ingredients of the product along with other food safety management parameters.

Food Product Label

The application for approval of food product by FSSAI should enclose the label of the product. The label can just be a blueprint/prototype of the original label and it isn’t necessary to prin the label while the approval procedure is going on. However, it is vital that the food product label conforms to the food product labelling Standards as specified in the FSSAI Packaging and Labelling Regulation Act, 2011.

Application Submission

Once all of the above information has been compiled and put in order the application for approval of food product can be submitted online. The application can be made on the Food Product Approval System (FPAS).
This procedure can be a taxing and highly tedious while running fully functional Food Business. Consider taking professional help from the experts at LegalRaasta, where we pride ourselves in simplifying compliances and procedures for businesses. Fill up the form above or give us a ring at +91-875-000-8585.

Advantages of Nutraceuticals License

Following are the advantages of the Nutraceuticals license:

Legal Advantage

Many business identities often think that the process of obtaining Nutraceutical license is expensive, time-consuming and an inconvenient procedure of unnecessary documentation, ultimately try to ignore it. But, the process is not that cumbersome in reality. Our company can help you to get the license with ease. It’s better to spend some money on license rather than being caught for not having a license. It provides you the legal security. Hence, it is advisable for every businessman to first get the license before entering into a business.

Consumer Awareness

Nowadays, consumers are already so informative and alert regarding the food quality which they go out to buy. There are a lot of options even for a single food item. So, the consumers choose wisely which one to buy and which one is not safe for them. Your Nutraceutical license can give the consumer a sense of security to buy your product as it is governed by FSSAI.

Business expansion

When it comes to expending the business, Nutraceutical license can be proved an ace for easily doing it. This license will help you to maintain goodwill in the market and open a new direction to expand with ease. Not only this rather it makes it easier for you to get bank loans and for funding which is the key to expansion.

Enhance credibility and reliability

As you can use the license after registration, slowly and gradually the consumer will more rely on your outlet/business because they will get what they want in good quality. It will increase the credibility of your business in the market.

Benefits of FSSAI Product Approval

  • Your brand will be established with a high public confidence as a seller of produts completely safe for consumption.
  • Aggresive Industry Engagement across Stakeholders will benefit the business with increased outreach and networking.
  • Standardized Inspection procedure ensures minimization of time loss as well as least har to the reputaton of the products and the orgnaization.
  • Not just local but international consumers will be confident of the quality of your products as the quality testing is done compliant with worldwide standards and quality benchmarks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Approval is essentially processing which a Food Product is approved by FSSAI. These products have ingredient(s) and/or additives which are not according to the prescribed standards in the Food Safety and Standards Act.

In the FSSAI product Approval procedure, a NOC is essentially the Interim Permission to place product (s) / additives/ ingredients on the Market.
When does a Food Business Operator (FBO) need to acquire a Food Product Approval? An FBO needs a FSSAI product approval when the food products or their ingredients contain additives/ supplements which have not been specified in the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

The NOC for FSSAI product approval is valid for a time period of 1 year. This NOC will be sent to the scientific community/ panel for an assessment. Based on the positive results of the assessment, NOC can be extended further after a proper application and specified fees are submitted to the FSSAI’s Central Branch.

Yes, barring only cases where FSS regulations specify otherwise.

Yes, every product which has varying ingredients and/or additives needs a separate product approval.

No, as long as the label claims are the same.


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