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Procedure for Private Limited Company Closure

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Closing Private Limited Company

It is preferable to dissolve the private limited company where your business is operating improperly or is experiencing ongoing losses and seek a new start. When there are no exchanges or the firm's directors are unwilling to continue its operations, a private limited company must be wound up or closed. A private limited company can often be dissolved under both voluntary and compulsive conditions. LegalRaasta is used for Closing Private Limited Companies.

Documents Required for Closing Private Limited Company

At the Board of Directors meeting, adopt an ordinary resolution for Closing Private Limited Company.
Business operations should cease on the day the resolution is passed.
Members declare that all relevant paperwork has been submitted and that the company is debt-free.

Reasons Leading to the Closure of Company

Minimal Conditions for the Closing Private Limited Company

Benefits of Closing Private Limited Companies

The corporation will have no more debt or liabilities.

The corporation's assets will be divided among the shareholders according to their interests.

The firm will be deregistered from the Registrar of Companies and cease to exist.

In the case of a Closing Private Limited Company, the shareholders are not responsible for any debts of the business.

The company's directors are not responsible for any wrongdoing or deception the company may engage in.

Process for Closing Private Limited Company

1. Convene a board meeting to examine and make a decision about voluntary Closing Private Limited Company.

2. Before the EGM, all liabilities should be paid off.

3. Call a special EGM to pass a resolution.

4. Submit a Special Resolution within 30 days in MGT-14.

5. Submit the STK-2 form and the subsequent paperwork.

6. The ROC must issue a public notice STK-6 after receiving an application to get the public's feedback on any recommended strikes.

7. The notice must be posted on the MCA website and published in a reputable English newspaper as well as at least one local newspaper where the Closing Private Limited Company's registered office is located.

8. ROC shall simultaneously notify the CBDT and CBEC, who have jurisdiction over the firm, of the intended action of removing or striking off the names of such entities and seek objections, if any, from those regulatory bodies.

9. Once all procedures have been followed, the ROC will Close Private Limited Company name and dissolve the business by publishing a notice in the official gazette using the STK-7 form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To dissolve a private limited company in India, an application must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) along with the necessary fees, papers, and data. The ROC will issue a notice of closure and give the company instructions to have its name removed from the Registry of Companies if they are satisfied that all necessary conditions have been satisfied.

The Company shall have provided for the full payment of all of its obligations and liabilities.
Up to the day of closure, the corporation is expected to submit all required tax returns.
The business must not be a party to any ongoing legal disputes.
The closure of a private limited corporation requires the consent of all shareholders.

The main consequence of closing a private limited company in India is that it will no longer exist as a legal entity. This means that it will no longer be able to carry on business activities or hold assets in its name. Additionally, the directors and shareholders of the company will no longer have any liability for the debts and liabilities of the company.

The company was formed after November 2nd, 2018, but has not yet submitted form 20A.
Since the day of its incorporation, the Corporation has not yet reached its first anniversary.
The business that the company has been conducting in the last one to two years, or the business that is still active.
the Organization whose Director's DIN has been disabled.
Such a Business has an ineligible director.
The Registrar of Companies has already notified the Company that the Private Limited Company will be closing.
Any company with an active legal case against it.

The National Company Tribunal's workload is lessened thanks to the Companies (Winding-Up) Regulations 2020, which made it possible to liquidate the company's assets quickly.


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